Couple having marriage counseling

Couple having marriage counseling

My marriage to my wife had a fairy-tale aspect to it at first. As the years passed without any serious dispute, I came to believe that our marriage was immune to the issues that others encountered. I didn’t believe I’d need assistance with my marriage like counseling. 

We first met when we were adolescents and were engaged at her high school prom. We even rode away from our wedding in a white horse-drawn carriage while royal trumpeters joyfully announced that something extraordinary had begun. 

And something had happened. 

For a time, everything we touched seemed to shimmer with fairy dust. We obtained promising professions, purchased a house before 25, we even had two kids—a boy and a girl—a few years later. The white picket fence was the only thing lacking. 

Unfortunately, we discovered that no one is immune. 

And when we did ultimately encounter a significant dispute, I had no idea where to turn.  Everyone we knew saw us as role models. How could the perfect pair require counseling? Who would I even approach? 

Who is battling for your marriage? 

Your marriage, like ours, is under continual attack. Forces strive to separate any couple from the minute they say “I Do.” Workplace stresses are a source of anxiety for individuals. Others may be dealing with concerns involving their children, parents, or other unsolved issues. 

Even if we won the jackpot and went to a remote island, our natural selfishness and sinful impulses would ultimately catch up with us.  So, what do we do when we are confronted with conflict? 

If you’re anything like me, you could be immobilized by pride, knowing something isn’t right yet unable to seek counseling.  We tie the knot in public. We take particular care in selecting the perfect church, minister, bridesmaids, and groomsmen and allowing the world to see our love. When adversity strikes, we do the opposite. We keep our problems hidden from those who love us the most. 

People at our wedding should not only help us get married, but they should also help us stay married. I’ve discovered that there are a few specific areas where I can get aid for my marriage. 

I get counseling for my marriage from… 

It is usual for our friends to rush to our aid in times of need, but the sort of protection we require shifts after we marry. 

A buddy who soothes you by constantly agreeing that you are correct and your husband is incorrect is not the type of friend you require. You are sometimes the incorrect one. A good buddy will assist you in seeing this. 

When two become one, you either win or lose.  Find people that will assist you in fighting for your marriage even if you don’t want to.  They may need to tell you difficult things to hear at times, but that is fine.