couple during their honeymoon

couple during their honeymoon

But I didn’t grasp my vows to “love and cherish for better or for worse, for richer or for worse, in sickness and in health; from this day forward till death do us part.” On that May afternoon, all I knew was that I was Cinderella and Jim was my Prince Charming, ready to embark on a lifelong adventure of perfect love. We would leave on our honeymoon.

About two hours after the wedding, the bubble popped. 

For our honeymoon, we booked a boating resort on Lake Ouachita in Arkansas. Jim had a 22-foot Southcoast yacht, which we intended to moor outside our room. During our early days as husband and wife, we envisioned its white sails filled with gusts of wind as we floated through the crystal blue sea. 

The Prank in the Honeymoon

When Jim returned home from the wedding, he saw the yacht up on concrete blocks, trailer, and everything. This not-so-funny prank caused us to miss our honeymoon flight by a couple of hours. 

We noticed we had visitors when we eventually started driving to the resort, sailboat in tow. The unmistakable cricket chirping was soon joined by what appeared to be thousands of its pals playing a concert. Crickets began to crawl about my feet and on the front seat of the automobile where my new husband and I were seated. EEEEEE! This was not how I had imagined my wedding day to be! 

My mother and I had done our best to plan for everything before the wedding, but we hadn’t looked up “How to Get Rid of Crickets on Your Honeymoon.” 

From Bad to Worse

Please realize that Jim and I like animals and are grateful to God for creating every bug and beast. But on that Mayday, severe measures were necessary. We went to the vehicle wash, and Jim vacuumed those nefarious critters out of our lives. 

After that, we drove up some winding Arkansas roads till we arrived at the boating resort about midnight. It was a sight for tired and irritated eyes to see. But there was a problem: the workplace had no gentle glow of lighting. Yes, the door to the hotel lobby was locked, and we wouldn’t be checking in that night. So much for honeymoon bliss.

So we walked back down the road till we found a hotel with a parking garage next to it. As we approached the parking garage, the sailboat mast, resting flat on top of the deck, scratched and damaged the garage ceiling. We checked in without mentioning that it was the first night of our honeymoon. We hadn’t even been married a day when we faced our first test of devotion to our wedding vows

The next day, Jim managed to locate an auto body shop that fixed the sailboat mast. We could almost hear the angels exclaim, “Halleluiah!” The good news was that we finally made it to Lake Ouachita that afternoon for a fantastic afternoon of sailing.