Couple enjoying a beach sea view

Couple enjoying a beach sea view

My backyard’s “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” shrub is covered with white and purple blooms, and their pleasant smell fills my senses when I sit on my back porch. The beautiful shrub is a delight in our garden. It’s my place when I need some separation.

But what you see next will catch you off guard. 

I removed an adjacent dead shrub several months back (or so I thought). One day, I noticed new growth! I hadn’t gotten all of the roots, and it was shouting, “I’m not dead yet!” like the unfortunate fellow in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. This Ixora (also known as West Indian Jasmine) was flowering once more in a beautiful shade of yellow. 

But here’s the kicker: I just saw the beautiful purple and white blooms mixing with the yellow on that Ixora! 


Looking at them, you’d assume the two entirely different flowers were blooming on the same shrub. How is this possible? Can what seems to be the exact plant yield two completely different flowers? 

Marriage is similar to that. 

When my husband, David, and I married, we did something unique in our wedding ceremony. We lighted a unity candle, which isn’t unusual in and of itself, but instead of blowing out our candles, we replaced them in their holders while they were still glowing. 

Our symbolic point was that, while we would become one body via marriage, we would not lose our individuality in the process. 

David seemed to be unstoppable. He can work for hours in the blazing Florida heat, performing yard maintenance. I’m exhausted after 30 minutes. When I have a lot to do, I take a lot of breaks. 

He isn’t a planner. When we go on road vacations, he prefers to drive until he’s exhausted and then locate a spot to rest. I’m the Google Maps king, and Siri is my best buddy. I want our accommodations booked and the number of hours we’ll be driving determined. I don’t enjoy the uncertainty of where we’ll sleep each night. 

Maybe a slight control freak?

He’s a recluse. I’m an extrovert, but my introverted side is showing more and more these days. He tolerates my urge to overcrowd our home with guests since he enjoys the company but not the noise or the occasionally chaotic environment. 

He is having a good time on his travels. I prefer to have a destination in mind. He’s learned through the years that if he asks me to go on a bike ride with him, he’ll get a more enthusiastic response if he mentions a destination he knows I’ll enjoy. As in a restaurant for breakfast. Even if the restaurant is ten miles away and it’s 90 degrees outdoors.