couple in romantic mood

couple in romantic mood

Consider the excellent dates you’ve had with your spouse and ponder for a moment on what made them so special. Was it exciting? Is this a surprise? Is it a discovery? 

Or was it something simple, yet with lots of time to talk and be together? 

You are doing the same things year after year. No matter how deep your rut is, with a bit of initiative, time to focus, and some creativity thrown in, you can convert some of those sprinkles into the sparks of having a fun time together on dates. 

Here are some suggestions for a simple date night and some questions to ask each other. Are you prepared? Let’s go… 

1. Choose the location.

Choose one of the four suggestions below: 

  • A fantastic restaurant that you will love and can afford. 
  • A park or a spot where you both have fond recollections. 
  • There is a vehicle ride with no mobile phones, no radio (unless you both like music), no deadlines, and lots of time to speak. 
  • A surprise picnic lunch or dinner… something unusual that you haven’t done in years. 

Do you understand? You’re on your way now to some awesome dates. 

2. Plan ahead of time.

Arrange for a babysitter if necessary, make bookings and prepare for what you’ll need, and start thinking about how you might generate some excitement. 

For example, post a sticky note on your spouse’s bathroom mirror at the start of the week that says something like, “Wanna join me for a fun date Saturday about noon?” Or be foxy and inventive by not spelling out what you’re going to do—leave hints. Significant dates are fueled by curiosity and expectation. 

Also, clarify how your husband should dress for the date and when you’ll leave. 

Hold your wife’s hand as you lead her to the car, open the door for her, and tell her you’re looking forward to your time together. 

3.Prepare a few discussion of dates

Tell each other that you have some questions that you’d want to discuss throughout your time together. This list of questions is designed to create a conversation between you and your partner, similar to dating before getting married.

Remember that the purpose of the game is to relax and have fun with one another. There is nothing wrong with being limited to answering and debating one or two questions.

Question #1: Tell me about a few memorable dates you’ve had. 

Take some time to remember and explain where you went. What exactly did you do…? What did you discuss? How was it so memorable? Take back-and-forth turns. If you can only recollect one or two, skip to the next question. 

Question #2: What is your favorite concept of our honeymoon? 

Remember the hilarious, awkward, and unique moments if you had a good time on your honeymoon. If it was a challenging experience, discuss what you learned from it.