couple having verbal fight

couple having verbal fight

Do you pay attention to bumper stickers? You do, of course. I feel the same way. Some claim that bumper stickers began at Lookout Mountain, Georgia’s famed Rock City attraction, where tourists returned to their automobiles to find a “See Rock City” sticker affixed to their back bumper—without their consent. So, what would a husband bumper sticker say?

A Husband’s Role

If I were to design a bumper sticker—which I would never put on anyone’s car without their permission—it would help husbands consider their leadership and headship in a fresh light: What if your wife was married to Jesus? 

For several years before my engagement to Nancy Leigh DeMoss, the finger on which wedding bands are worn. I inquired about the ring when I initially saw it. She stated that she had worn it for years as a reminder that even though she had never married, she was a Christian. 

As a single woman, she sensed a call to ministry early in her life. Nancy, a fervent supporter of marriage and a confidante and counselor to many married women, never saw herself as a wife. But, as a member of Christ’s Bride, she was devoted to loving and serving Him with all her heart. 

Learning to Let Go

A couple who was known and very much loved my late wife, Bobbie, some months after we started dating. After a lengthy and enjoyable chat, the husband was discussing how unique Bobbie was when he turned, gazing right into Nancy’s eyes, and stated, “Bobbie’s a difficult act to follow.” 

My heart sprang into my throat, and I felt the color drain from my face. This was one of the most humiliating experiences of my adult life. Of course, Bobbie was unique. We had been married for over 45 years and had a great and solid relationship. We have two wonderful girls together. Nancy and Bobbie were pals. However, this remark appeared to be so far out of limits that a referee would have had to take a taxicab to make the decision. Nancy remained silent. I didn’t either, but the man’s remark lingered in my stomach for the rest of the evening. 

On the way home, I attempted to explain how hurt I was by my friend’s callous remark; Nancy gently answered that she knew how difficult it must be for Bobbie’s lifelong friends to adjust, having another woman in my life. Wanting to be a husband to someone else.

The next day, I called my daughter Julie, who has always been one step ahead of me. (She was probably 8 when she asked if there was another word for “thesaurus” and why sour cream has an expiration date.) When I informed her about the “hard act to follow,” she said, “Remember, Daddy, Nancy was married to Jesus. And He’s a difficult act to follow!” 

I laughed half-heartedly, understanding what a challenge she had just posed as someone who wanted to be her husband.