Bride in beautiful wedding dress

Bride in beautiful wedding dress

The French novelist Colette expressed this new bride’s passionate, conflicted thinking: “The day after that wedding night the gulf and discovery and the irremediable metamorphosis separated me from the day before that I discovered it to be thousands of kilometers.” She sees how you are transformed by marriage. Somehow before you marry, you are one person and somebody else the next day. The transformation is not slow but immediate and everlasting. 

I recall a similar realization about a honeymoon. I felt I was overly prepared before marriage as a writer for a marriage ministry. But marriage showed my wife and me both excellent and terrible. And I found marriage dull as well as spiritual, and sad, and holy throughout the years. 

What you need not know before you get married 

This is the irony that you’re “ready” to propose marriage. Yes, there are subjects to be discussed by a young couple, such as the traditions of faith, the passages, and expectations. However, you may overcome these concerns. 

Before marriage, there are four things you need not know: 

When I meet my soul partner, how do I know? 

“Soul mates” is not mentioned in the Bible. However, with marriage, the soul connection is automatic. This is what Jesus said: “There is one flesh…” So what God has united must not be separated by man?”. 

However, it doesn’t mean that marriage is simple since your spirits are united. It needs to be challenging and sophisticated, yet this is one of the values. A “soul mate” is someone who you become with intention and devotion. 

Am I prepared to marry? 

“Wisdom is with the elderly, and knowledge in the length of days,” Job says. The fact is that no one would marry if they had to be prepared. Experience is a teacher in and of itself. 

A person can take airplane flying lessons, but is he ever truly “ready” to be a pilot until he is in the air? Marriage works in the same manner. 

Who is prepared for the shock of a life-threatening disease and the fear of losing a loved one? Who’s up for the clash of two cultures and the emotional upheaval of sacrificing one’s wishes for the sake of another? No one, no matter how much training they have, is prepared for it. 

Have I realized all of my ambitions? 

Many people may wish to check off most of their bucket list items or establish their jobs before getting married. However, bucket lists tend to expand and never seem to be “completed.” And professions aren’t always predictable. 

Instead of viewing marriage as the end of life, consider the beauty it brings to it. Proverbs 31:10-11 asks, “Who can find a good wife?” She is considerably more valuable than jewels. Her husband’s heart believes in her, and he will reap the benefits.” To me, that seems like a complete existence! 

Do I have the necessary financial resources? 

For the average young couple, the quick answer is “no.” But that’s OK! 

You could have student loans, auto loans, credit card obligations, and little savings. Not to mention the costs of children. Those are unquestionably marital difficulties that you should address before the wedding. On the other hand, marriage may be an asset if you follow a debt management strategy and adopt sound financial practices. Learn to be satisfied and to put your confidence in God to satisfy your wants.